What is Mindful Analysis?

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Mindful Analysis (MA) is a powerful coaching method by email. You’ll write intensively for 5 workdays (approximately 2 á 3 hours a day) about your story, question or problem. This will be a workweek of complete focus on yourself. I’ll join you in this process and will ask you questions based specifically on, and only on, what you write. My questions will ‘force’ you gently to think deeper and deeper about yourself. I’ll lead you to answers in yourself in a way that you couldn’t have achieved alone (nor with a friend).

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Email coaching
“Coaching by email, does this work?” Yes absolutely, this is a modern and proven method. MA is not just ‘emailing like you would do with a friend. It is hard work, both for you and for me as a coach. There is a special philosophy behind it. MA is based on Buddhist teachings, mindfulness, philosophy and psychology. MA asks for commitment, time and concentration of both you and me as coach.

Because you’ll work in your own environment, your time without distraction, you’ll be able to fully concentrate on yourself and your story. You’ll my get targeted, non-judgmental questions. You’ll come to the core of your problem faster and deeper, than you would in weekly face to face conversations. MA has been developed in such a way that all focus flows to you. You’ll go through a natural process of exploration, clarity, insight, possibilities, relieve and new steps.

The main goal is: clarity about your current situation, your thoughts, feelings, experiences, new steps to take and seeying things in new ways.

It’ll also give you a clearer view on yourself from a distance. Discover where your patterns and thoughts come from. Investigate new possibilities and insights. And finally you will come to ideas about new steps to take that will help you further towards recovery or a solution for your problem.

Due to this intense contact a lot will happen within you in a short period of time. Faster and deeper than when in ‘face-to-face coaching’ with a coach / therapist once every week. The intervals between weekly sessions during meetings with a coach take the flow out of your process. Also, due to the live contact with the therapist with whom you’ll have to tune in to, a piece of concentration on yourself will be lost. This complete concentration on you, wich you’ll achieve with the MA method is necessary for your process.

Mindful Analysis will make things happen deeper, in a shorter time than possible with face to face conversations.

Mindful Analysis puts you in a flow in a short intense period, with my guidance. You do not have to keep coming back into your story over and over again after long intervals such as with ‘regular’ coaching or therapy. It is a continuous and profound process.

Is this method only for people who have experienced emotional abuse? No … Even if you have not had to deal with abuse. If you struggle with questions about your life that you can not seem to solve alone, I can help you with this method. This may concern matters such as work, friendships, relationships, or anything else that you are dealing with. And for example, can also help with a dream that you want to achieve.

Writing is essential for self-examination. By writing there is an increased concentration and little distraction. Writing is a way of meditating. You’ll become more aware of yourself and your story. Writing detaches you from your own story, you will look at as an observer This is very healing. I’ll guide you through your story and at the same time I’ll make sure you’ll keep all concentration on yourself. 

In addition, I will not ever judge oyu, but I will be compassionate. I’ll ask you specific and direct questions based on what you write to me. This encourages you to think deeper about yourself. 

All answers ly in yourself and sometimes you need someone who leads you there. It is a powerful step in your recovery process. Writing is also a method to process (traumatic) experiences.

Must you be a talented writer to be coached with this method? Absolutely not. This is not important at all. You even múst write in your own style, your own words, about what you want and in the way you want to. Even if you do not have any writing talent. Spelling or grammar errors are not really important. It is important that you (and I) understand what you write and express yourself in your own way. You just might start noticing how good it feels to describe your thoughts and feelings.

Mindful Analysis is the ideal way to rediscover and help yourself, with a little help form me.

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